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Back to School Lunch Ideas: Kid-Approved Meals with Ammanaana

As the school bells ring and backpacks are packed, it's time to think about creative and nutritious School lunch ideas that will energize your kids throughout the day. At Amma Naana Supermarket in Chennai, we've got you covered with a range of international gourmet ingredients to make school lunches delicious and wholesome. Let's dive into some kid-approved meal ideas that will excite your little ones for lunchtime!

Back to School Lunch Ideas: Kid-Approved Meals with Ammanaana
Back to School Lunch Ideas: Kid-Approved Meals with Ammanaana

Recipe 1 of School Lunch Ideas: Rainbow Veggie Wraps with Amma Naana Hummus


- Whole-grain wraps

- Amma Naana Hummus (choose your favorite flavor)

- Colorful veggies (bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes)

- Avocado slices

- Shredded lettuce

- Sliced olives


1. Spread a generous layer of Amma Naana Hummus onto a whole-grain wrap.

2. Layer on a rainbow of veggies, avocado slices, and shredded lettuce.

3. Roll up the wrap and secure it with a toothpick or wrap it in parchment paper.

4. Slice into bite-sized pinwheels for a visually appealing and tasty lunchbox treat.

Recipe 2 of School Lunch Ideas: Pesto Pasta Salad with Amma Naana Olive Oil


- Cooked and cooled pasta (gluten-free if needed)

- Cherry tomatoes, halved

- Cucumber, diced

- Black olives, sliced

- Amma Naana Pesto Sauce

- Amma Naana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Salt and pepper to taste


1. In a bowl, mix the cooked pasta with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and black olives.

2. Drizzle with Amma Naana Extra Virgin Olive Oil and toss with Amma Naana Pesto Sauce.

3. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

4. Pack it in a lunch container for a refreshing and flavorful pasta salad.

Recipe 3 of School Lunch Ideas: Quinoa and Veggie Bento Box with Amma Naana Spices


- Cooked quinoa

- Steamed broccoli florets

- Sliced bell peppers (multiple colors)

- Hummus for dipping

- Amma Naana Spice Mix (choose your favorite)

- Fresh fruit slices (grapes, apple slices)


1. arrange compartments with cooked quinoa, steamed broccoli, and sliced bell peppers in a bento box.

2. Sprinkle Amma Naana Spice Mix over the quinoa for added flavor.

3. Include a side of hummus for dipping veggies.

4. Add a compartment with fresh fruit slices for a well-balanced and enjoyable school lunch.


Sending your kids back to school with exciting and nutritious lunches is made easy with Amma Naana Supermarket. These kid-approved meal ideas showcase the diverse and delicious possibilities that our international gourmet ingredients bring to the table. Make school lunches a breeze and a joy for both you and your children with Amma Naana. Happy packing!

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