Unveiling the Magic of Olive Oil

It has been about 5000 years (and still counting), since Olive Oil has been praised endlessly for its nutritional value and other added benefits. One of the faithful helpers in every aspect of beauty treatment is Olive Oil. This was used primarily as a cosmetic in Egypt and several other Mediterranean countries used Olive oil for its medicinal value. Here we are going to unveil for you, the magic that Olive Oil performs in the beauty section.

  • The chemical nature of Olive Oil is the closest to our skin’s natural oil. If you have dry skin and its related problems, take home a bottle of Olive oil, the perfect moisturizer for your parched skin.
  • A quick way to make to turn your skin glowing with life and rejuvenated is a paste using Olive Oil and mashed avocados! Rinse off the mask after 20-25 min with lukewarm water, your skin with thank you for the wonderful combination of two miracle workers.
  • Sunburn, irritated skin, cracked lips and feet, dry or rough palms: Olive Oil’s healing properties will get to work at each of these problems right away! To treat apply some Olive Oil directly on to the affected area and slightly massage into it.
  • Olive Oil benefits for skin are largely because they are rich in healthy fats and phenolic antioxidants, vitamin E along with squalene and oleic acids. These help to wash away free radicals and they repair the damage done due to sun exposure. These elements inhibit the growth of tumor cells and keeps skin cancer at bay.
  • No more expensive treatments to cover those stretch marks. Stretch marks disappear when slightly heated olive oil is massaged on to the affected area thrice a week. The regenerative property of olive oil takes care of this for you.
  • Frizzy hair is pulling your spirits down? Split ends and dry tresses can be nourished now. Olive oil, as a moisturizing agent, will make your hair bounce with energy and dazzle with shine. Massage some olive oil into your scalp and hair and watch the difference in few weeks!
  • Dreaming of beautiful nails and cuticles? Rub some olive oil around your nails and in the cuticle area. Shiny strong nails, with just a few drops of olive oil magic.
  • Massage feet and sole with a dab of olive oil at night. Slip into a pair of socks and keep those feet covered. Now wake up to beautifully toned and supple feet in the morning!