The wonder cleaner

Spring cleaning must have commenced in every household and with the vacation round the corner, project ‘sparkle’ must be the household mantra. This is also the season for job transfers and we all go mad trying to restore the house to the original status to claim the rental advance from the landlords.

Whatever the agenda, one cleaning wonder that has never betrayed me is Cif. This is not a product endorsement but an ode of thanks to one of the most trustworthy cleaning agents available in the market.

Believe it or not the Cif has been on the market since 1969. Launched in France and at the moment sold in 51 countries, the Cif product is sold under the names Jif, Vim, Viss and Handy Andy. Asia is Cif’s fastest-growing market, and India its largest.

It is marketed against scouring powders such as Vim, as a creamy and hence protective but powerful domestic cleaner. It cleans almost all surfaces and its versatility is what impresses me the most. We don’t need to clutter our rack with one cleaner for each surface coz cif cleans them all… any wood work like kitchen cupboards, window frames, door, door frames, banisters and skirting boards.

Nothing to inspire us to cook better than a sparkling cooking range and a clean table top. The grease and grime, however burnt and glued to the corners, just seem to vanish with minimum scouring efforts. The bath tub really transforms to a brand new one with just one generous application.

Refrigerator is one grueling project that I always procrastinate. But after introducing Cif to my refrigerator, we have discovered a new bonding that comes with consistent maintenance. The only uncomfortable aspect has been the efforts involved in rinsing or wiping off the creamy cleaner after it has worked its wonder. But it is truly worth the efforts considering the amount of scouring that it has saved for us.

I have personally tried all the three versions –

  1. Cif – the original: most versatile and doesn’t leave a very strong odour unlike its counterparts.
  2. Cif – lemon: Not very keen on this one. But the citric scent does pitch in a bit in the bathrooms.
  3. Cif – bleach: Extra power when you need it. The stong unplkeasant odour could be a detterant,  but it is the best  when it comes to sticky and greasy kitchen tops.

It is interesting to watch how the  range of the cleaning products from Cif is ever expanding and improvising and the best part is none of them really disappoint you.

Happy scouring!!

By Blogger / Customer of Amma Naana