Summer Scents

Summer is always a carefree time of year. It is time for fun outdoors and vacations and just an easier laid back way to live. You should not only change out your wardrobe for the summer but you should also change out your scents.

Your deodorant and your other body scents like lotions and perfumes should all be changed out for the warm summer months.

Layer Your Scents

nullA good rule of thumb before you pick your scent is to remember that you should layer your scent. In other words your deodorant should compliment both your lotion and your perfume or cologne. You do not want to go with something that is citrus based for deodorant than go with a floral for lotion and end up with something woodsy or musky for a perfume. These scents do not work together in layers. Stick with one family of scents!

Lemony Citrus Scents

If you want to smell fresh and free than you should take a look at the many citrus scents that are available for summer time wear. The lemony citrus scents are fresh and are not over bearing. They add a little crispness to the heat of the summer.null

The citrus scents are “clean” smells that are not overwhelming as some heavier winter time scents can be.  Citrus scents are very sporty androgynous scents that are perfect for both men and women.


nullThe smell of summer for you may be best expressed through floral based scents. Floral based scents are perfect for the easy laid back days of summer. Do be careful though to choose a floral scent that is not too heavy.

The summer heat can make floral scents a bit overpowering to the senses. Instead of the traditional perfume you may opt for a sheer scent that most designers offer. A sheer scent is a lighter version of the original scent which is perfect for the hot days of summer.

Floral scents are very feminine.

Woodsy Earthy Tones

For the gentlemen woodsy earthy tones or musk is a good way to lean during the heat of the summer. It is a great way to get noticed for your scent without overpowering anyone. The ladies can also choose a musk to have more of a natural scent to them.

A lot of ladies actually like the male version of their favorite scent for the summer because it is much lighter.