Summer Break Ideas-Best Summer Trips and Destinations Over the Globe

Summer break is a great time to travel and see the world if you know where to go. There are better places to travel to during the summer that you may not be aware of. Tired of the usual theme parks? Tourist attractions? Don’t want to fight the summer break crowds?

Check out these surprising and amazing places to travel that will create memories of this summer break to last a lifetime.


nullNice is a great alternative to Paris and can be your jumping off point for your Rivera vacation! Nice is less expensive than Paris, less crowded than Paris and just as lovely! The weather is amazing during the summer months and it will be a time you will not soon forget.



nullMykonos is well known for its party all summer long. The parties along the beaches are legendary but it is not the only thing that is available to do. If you are more into“relaxing” than you can do that in Mykonos as well.



nullThere is no bad time to visit Fiji but the summer time does guarantee great weather! Fiji is paradise! It is the best way to go to the “beach”.



Yellowstone National Park USA

nullIf you want to get close to nature this summer than you need to plan on going to Yellowstone. It is a pristine slice of America that offers amazing vistas, abundant wildlife and miles and miles of hiking. It is simply a beautiful place to visit. The north western location also helps keep you cool!


San Francisco USA

nullSan Francisco is an amazing city that is rich in history, culture and beautiful back drops. This great city is a must see with its amazing Golden Gate Bridge and its role in settling the wild west. A huge selling point is that the weather always stays around 75-80 degrees!



nullIf you are going to head to Spain do it in early June before the humidity takes hold of this beautiful city. You can enjoy the beaches, stroll through the museums and revel in the night life!



nullAmsterdam is the perfect way to beat the summer heat! Amsterdam usually heats up to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months making it a lovely place to stroll through especially when most of the US and southern Europe is battling the heat in the 90’s everyday.