Style your Kitchen

“I am hungry” my 8 year old son cried.

Yup, it was time to enter the kitchen again. The same old place where one spends substantial amount of time in an attempt to appease your appetite. Modular kitchens, electric chimneys, gas pipes, just about everything today’s kitchens have is a part of my space too. One has to agree that they are very helpful in keeping kitchen clean but do they really “Motivate” cooking. With an average passion for cooking, I have always required a pressing need to spend time in the kitchen. And that’s when I decided that it was time I took a step to make the experience enjoyable.  Here are some of the things I tried,

  • Keep a bowl of assorted fruits – This brings in freshness to your kitchen and will be certainly useful when you are hungry while cooking!
  • Add a pop of color on your countertops: Try a bright, colorful appliance on your countertops to instantly add that wow factor.
  • Place things that you need frequently right next to your stove such as cooking oils, spices. Glassware would be ideal if you are of the careful type.
  • Cookbooks or cooking magazines that are thoughtfully arranged come always handy, it’s useful to know what the experts say.
  • Kitchens must be well lit: Well, this one is right from my mother’s lips. Kitchens should be bright and cheerful and have enough light to perform many different tasks, it also helps in keeping unfriendly little devils from crawling around your dishes. You could Flood the space with lighting designed for different functions such as under cabinet task lights, pendant lighting over the island, overhead pot lights and a fabulous fixture over the table. You could also put everything on dimmers so that you can control the light levels and create a little drama!
  • Display art work in your kitchen as you would in any other room in your house. A small canvas against the backsplash can brighten a corner and add a little colour.
  • Choose light colors for your walls and a maybe a backsplash too. Kitchen backsplashes no longer simply protect walls from spills and splatters, a wide array of eye-catching materials like glass, wood, metals and stone make the backsplash the focal point of today’s kitchens.
  • Last but not the least Keep your garbage disposal clean and wash your sponges frequently, you will never want to enter a kitchen that is foul smelling
Happy Cooking !