Living Green and an Eco-Friendly Home

These days, many people are focused on “living green”—conserving the earth’s natural resources. There is no better way to live green than in the home. Maintaining an eco-friendly home will help you practice sustainable habits outside the home, and there are several easy ways to create the right atmosphere.

Cut Down on Plastics

no_to_plasticPlastic containers are commonly considered a convenient way to store leftovers, and plastic dishes are inexpensive. However, plastics are not a sustainable choice because not only does plastic wear down quickly, only then to be thrown away and take up space in a landfill, you can also ingest harmful compounds like Bisphenol A (or BPA) when you reheat food in plastic containers or dishes. Instead, use glass or porcelain, which you can reuse for years.

Decorate with Earthenware
PlasticsIf you want to give your home some style, decorative dishes are a great choice. A sustainable and attractive choice for decorative dishes is earthenware. It takes less energy to fire than other materials like porcelain, because earthenware is fired at low temperatures. Earthenware is also heavier than porcelain or glass, which makes it less likely to break and be thrown away.
Mindful Food Disposal Practices

recycle_wasteInstead of blindly throwing away everything you don’t need in the trash, separate out recyclables: aluminum cans, paper, and glass. Compost produce scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells, and spread them around in your gardenfor fertilizer. Try to eat or freeze all food you buy, instead of letting it go bad and throwing it away.

Invest In Smart Technology

Invest In Smart TechnologyIt can be hard to keep track of your utilities usage, but one place to start is your heat and air conditioning. A Nest Learning Thermostat does the thinking for you: it keeps track of your schedule, programs itself to only use energy when you are home, and can be controlled through your smart phone no matter where you are. Investing in a device like this can lower your heating and cooling bill by 20% or more.