Lindt Chocolates in Chennai

Check-iconBrand: Lindt Cocoa Chocolates

Check-iconModel: Balls / toys

Check-iconOrigin: Switzerland

Check-iconIngredients: Cocoa, Milk, Sugar, Barley Malt, Soya, Oil

Check-iconCategory: Chocolates / Confectionery

Check-iconCondition: New

Check-iconStock: Available

Check-iconPrice: Contact – +91 9444399662

Description: Lindt Chocolate is one of the world’s oldest Chocolate manufacturers based in Switzerland. Lindt chocolates have a rich cocoa taste. It is available in more exciting flavours and varieties. Flavours available are – Lindt Creation, Lindt Excellence, Lindt Lindor, Lindt Hello, Lindt Assortment and Lindt Christmas.

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