Is this Shampoo good for my hair?

There is wide range of shampoo brands available the market today, only to increase to the dilemma of buying.

How should you choose your shampoo? This chiefly depends on your hair type & texture. It could be anything like thin/fine, curly/wavy, thick hair, oily hair, color treated and many more.

    • To begin with make sure to Choose a shampoo that won’t damage your hair. It shouldn’t have any sulfates, silicone, or a high amount of alcohol. All of these will strip off natural oils and damage your hair, doing more harm than good.
    • For dry hair try egg shampoos with softeners and protein components which are recommended for dry hair. Dry hair needs shampoo products that are creamy and not clear and have mild detergents. Some shampoos also have rich conditioners. You can also find shampoos that have shea butter and lanolin. These ingredients can help dryness much better. There are also shampoos that use herbs like comfrey and it is rich in protein, increasing the volume of your hair and making it look smoother.
    • For oily hair, look for ingredients like citric juice or malic acid in shampoos. These ingredients can help in managing oily hair better. Other ingredients that you should also look for if you have oily hair are chamomile, tea tree oil, and sage oil. Avoid protein and balsam shampoos because they may increase the production of oil in the scalp.
    • Curly or coarse hair needs creamy moisturizing shampoos. Shampoo that contains ingredients like wheat germ oil, shea butter, and nut oils (macadamia nut oil or coconut oil) are also good for people who have curly or coarse hair. Shampoos with protein, silicone, or almond oil also help detangle and soothe out frizziness.
    • If your hair is fine and limp, go for clear and gentle shampoos. You may look for shampoos that contain panthenol as it helps make the hair strands look thicker. Glycerine and collagen ingredients in shampoos also help in maintaining moisture balance.
    • If you have dandruff then The best remedy is to rotate three over-the-counter dandruff shampoos — one containing salicylic acid (to exfoliate), one containing selenium sulfide (to soothe) and a third containing pyrithione zinc (an anti-inflammatory) interspersing them with regular shampoo. A trio of treatments is most effects because if you use only one the fungus could adapt and become immune to it.
    • Choose conditioners that have humectants. Humectants are compounds that help in maintaining moisture in hair. As much as possible, you should consider buying moisturizing conditioners or deep conditioners since they contain humectants. Conditioners that contain dimethicone, panthenol or silicone, and essential oils like jojoba oil also help in adding gloss or shine to your hair. Word of Caution If you are using conditioner, make sure you rinse the conditioner thoroughly to avoid dandruff. When using conditioner, rinse it after 3 minutes maximum or else you will have bad results.