Freezing health within frozen food

Busy days, changing trends, a late night’s sleep. Whatever the reason maybe, the common ground where the impact hits is Food! As much as health and food consciousness is on the raise, contrarily many still continue to settle towards the wrong choice. This article is to clear the name of one such food which is commonly assumed to be the wrong choice for consumption: Frozen Foods! – Becoming popular nowadays for two major reasons (or one), saves time and easy to cook. However, what many of us might not have known is that, frozen foods are scientifically proven to be safe. Hence you can trust your next pack of frozen fruits of vegetables as the ideal choice to meet your nutrient need.

Frost and still

Frost-and-stillExperts of the industry are convinced that freezing is the most natural and important food safety methods. Freezing foods which has been in practice for centuries, is now being made available for all. Fruits and vegetables- which we are all obsessed with for health- have a very short shelf life. Likewise, the same applies to meat and poultry products. We trust refrigerators to keep these food items fresh and healthy; in truth, to save them when you just are in a hurry. Frozen foods achieve the same purpose from a much earlier time. Freezing them freezes shelf life; stops the loss of nutrients. You consume food with a comparatively higher level of mineral and nutrient content.

Rich cold food

Rich-cold-foodThawing a frozen can of food for right before consumption, removing the required quantity alone for cooking and freezing them back again is no harm. Fruits and veggies, which we think are fresh; actually are picked way before ripening and are able to do so only during travel and in the aisles of your supermarket. Without doubt they have been giving up on their essence all this while waiting to reach you. Frozen foods on the other hand; are harvested when ripe, processed and frosted with 4-6 hours of being picked, and most importantly, retain their nutrient content until they reach you. So, which of these is rich food?

Nothing can stand before fresh food, true! But unless you have a backyard garden supplying them to you, frozen foods aren’t really a bad choice to fill your plate when necessary. If your freezer is a minus 18 degrees, you are free to leave behind worrying over;

Check-iconBeef and lamb for 12 months

Chicken and pork for 6 months

Vegetables 6 months

Seafood for 3 months