Clothing and fabric has its own fame and standard among all cultures. The fabrics used and the kind of clothing worn varies across each country, and this choice of matter again depends of different factors. However the commonly used and the most loved fabric by a majority of countries and people is: Cotton. This plant-based fiber that is composed primarily of cellulose has its first documented use in China, Egypt, India, Mexico and Peru.

In the industry, once the fibers are cleaned and prepared, cotton is sorted by fiber length, color and cleanliness. The longer fibers result in stronger fabrics with a more luxurious hand, luster and are rated as high quality. These fibers would be used in making sweaters, blouses, towels, and sheets. Everyday items that are more affordable often use shorter cotton fibers, such as t-shirts, jeans, and other mass produced items.

The reason for the extensive use of cotton is due to its reliable yet cost effective advantages. Here are a few to justify…

  • For Those With The Allergies: Being hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant is one of the great advantages of cotton, and this is why cotton is the best choice for people with allergies or asthma. Thus wearing cotton can help to keep skin irritations at bay.
  • Through Wear And Tear: Nobody wants to spend money on clothes only to have them fall apart quickly. One of the best advantages of cotton is that it is durable, lasts much longer than clothes made of other materials. Clothes made with cotton still look good after they have been worn hard.
  • Easy to Wear: Cotton clothing breathes well, absorbs moisture, dries quickly, is soft and light and therefore is very comfortable to wear. The soft and light texture of the makes it the best choice of wear in every climate.
  • Environment Friendly: For those with a strong conviction towards protecting the environment, usually find cotton the only fabric which serves the purpose. Cotton is renewable, biodegradable, and now we also have organic cotton available which is cultivated without the use of pesticides.