Cleaning Cars The Right Way

I love my car. Well, who doesn’t love their car? But I loved my car better when it was still in its My-New-Car phase with the smooth finish, glossy paint and jet black tires. Now this is true, but whose fault would it be when the car’s new look fades with time? After learning it the hard way, now I can finally write, ‘How Should A Car Be Cleaned Right’.

Use a car wash. They are meant for your car

Choosing the right car wash for your car is step one. Just water is of not much help. Using a detergent to get of the grit and dirt from your car is only appreciated by Wax Retailers. Detergents have been asked to remove animal and vegetable oil and fats, off from fired utensils. Now offering a car tempts detergents to jump into the pool of oil and wax in your car’s paint. You need a car wash which will act gentle on your car’s paint. Good quality car washes are pH controlled; contain gloss enhancers, water soluble wax and work focused to break the ionic/electrostatic bonds between the dirt and your car.

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When less is much

Rules to remember will washing your car; No to Metal Bucket, No to Hot Water and Yes to very little amount of car wash. Metal bucket filled with water and your car paint is not going to get along well. Hot water will enjoy softening your car’s wax, so let us forget that. And believe it when I say, 1-2 capfuls of car wash for 5 gallons of water is MORE than enough. Sonax Gloss Shampoo is one among the recommended car washes by experts. Whichever car wash you choose to get, just remember to use it well.

The right tools do the best job

Metal scrubbers, synthetic towels and brushes are a big No. Synthetic fibers are equivalent to cruel needles that scratch greedily at your car’s smooth finished body. Cotton wash mitts, wash pads, 100% cotton towel to dry the car, soft wheel brushes to dislodge the dirt from your car wheel are very important.

Bird Droppings- You car’s biggest enemy

Your brand new beauty leaves the garage and you know the unasked blessings you get. The sand, gravel and grit that birds consume to digest their food, still lasts in the acidic droppings that they release. And now you know how majority of those minor scratches on your car appears from, every time you try to rub it quick. Clean it as soon as possible, but clean it using a glazing agent.

Other points to remember

  • Clean your car as and when it gets dirty. Once in a week is preferable.
  • It is better for the car to be in the shade most of the time. And when you are cleaning your car, the still better.
  • Dry your car using a cotton towel, do not abandon it drenched under the sun.
  • Whether you wash the wheels first or last, remember to clean them when they are dry. Wheel cleaners work on dry wheels faster.

Your car might travel far and wide. Maintain it clean and sparkling; enjoy the ride inside your car that is brand new looking, even when it gets old.