Clean Bathroom Makeover

Ever wondered how hotels manage to keep their bathrooms spic and span? Well apparently, it does not involve much but cleaning the bathroom everyday using the best household cleaning material is their secret to how their bathrooms appear. Here are tips on how to keep your bathroom spic and span.

clean_iconAlways clean your bathroom every day. This does not mean doing a thorough cleaning of it, simple tasks such as wiping faucets, counters and mirrors together with light cleaning the sink usually make s a lot of difference.

clean_iconHeating surfaces also helps in ensuring that the alkalines used to clean the tiles and tubs are doubled in regards to their effectiveness.

clean_iconVacuuming and dusting each surface and crevice helps in lessening the work when you need to clean the next time.

clean_iconUsing an anti-bacterial cleaner on tile walls, sinks, toilets and tubs among others.

clean_iconGiving time for the disinfectants to work.
clean_iconUsing a sponge or cloth to spread the cleanser applied on tile surfaces.

clean_iconUsing a non-scratch abrasive pad in cleaning the tub and this is with the help of a suitable detergent.

clean_iconRinsing thoroughly after the application of a cleanser.

clean_iconUsing a glass cleanser for the mirrors after which you are required to wipe it till it dries.

clean_iconThe bathroom floor should be the last to rinse, wipe and dry after you are done with the other surfaces. Putting a couple of magazines also help in livening up the bathroom.