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Amma Naana, an autonomous retailer, with humble beginnings with a 1,000 sq. ft store in 1996 – amongst the wealthiest regions of Chennai. We have today developed to a 7,500 sq. ft advanced store and have developed as the single biggest sovereign supermarket retailer in Chennai.

Since our beginning in 1971, our store has developed to turn into an exceptionally effective departmental store under the partnership of V.R.Govindaswamy, M.Senthil Raj, G.Raja Mani, V.G.Sakthi Devi.  Amma Naana is located at the intersection of Chamiers Road and Boat Club Road, facing the Park Sheraton Hotel. A present day format that encourages smooth stream of activity, our unrivaled cleanliness benchmarks, committed carport outside the store for 8 to 12 autos are a percentage of the numerous comforts Amma Naana offers to its valuable customers.

We are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. Amma Naana comprehends that store support is a key element to keep our clients fulfilled. In agreement to this we are off on Sundays for cleaning up the store and doing preventive maintenance.

Our footfalls is around 1,000 clients a day amid weekdays, which goes up to around 1,500 on Saturdays 

The stock offered by the store is in sync with all consumer groups including the SEC A+ segment in the area. There is a plethora of foreign made brands, for example, Country Kitchen, Hershey’s, Diana of London, Ceylon Tea, Thousand Islands and Starbucks Coffee. We center of attention specifically on customer groups to gratify to their unique requirements. There are about 60 SKUs of Korean sauces to supply to the growing Korean population in the neighborhood. In the frozen food area, a good array of sausages, salamis and spreads are traded in from Europe as well as nearby Sri Lanka. The cheese spread caters to the European, American and higher income Indian households. Storage of about 6,500 SKUs is maintained by Amma Naana, compared to about 4,000 SKUs stocked by the popular supermarket chains.

Our core offerings are the extensive array of products, customized offerings and differentiated shopping experience. We don’t sell on price and there are no promotions other than those offered by brand owners. There are no signage or rack edge stickers anywhere discussing discounts. We at Amma Naana have accomplished what all the organized supermarket chains can’t even aspire to do in the near future.  Amma Naana recognizes all the frequent shoppers and passes on a 5 per cent discount at the billing counter.

Mr. Govindaswamy’s son-in-law, Mr. Senthil Raj has already joined the family business as CEO. Mr. Senthil Raj is an engineering graduate in computer science and is happy in contributing to Amma Naana’s prosperity. He is focused towards making Amma Naana technology-savy and improving its supply chain efficiency. Mr. Raj’s tireless determination and efficient management skills  has established Amma Naana’s position in Chennai as one among the leading supermarkets that offers best quality imported products for its customers.

In an interview given by Mr. Senthil Raj, titled ‘Expats in Chennai’, in February 2013, Mr. Raj speaks about the inspiring success story of Amma Naana as a leading supermarket in Chennai. To know more Click here