10 Best Ways to Decorate Your Walls


10 Best Ways to Decorate Your Walls 

After the work of a move to a new home or office is over, a bright spot opens up when it is time to decorate the walls!  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or hire professionals, the selection of colors, art, designs and themes is a very individual and personal process.  Here are 10 ways one can do this, ranging from primitive to elegant and fitting any budget.

sponge_paintingPAINTING Probably the most popular choice for many, is to just apply a nice clean coat of paint.  The hardest work is in the preparation of the walls, especially if there is old wallpaper to remove or sanding to be done.  Some may prefer all walls the same color, but an accent wall of striking contrast is very attractive.  For those who want a textured look, there are some methods like “ragging” and “sponging” where you apply a rag or sponge to the freshly painted wall – fun and delightful!

STICKERS, VINYL ART, STENCILS AND DECALS After the wall is painted a basic color, there are self-adhesive vinyl stickers and decals that can create sunsets, ocean views, rainbows or any design of your choice. Stenciling is a little more permanent way of adding a new look.

FramedFRAMED WALL ART When it comes time to pick your frames or canvas-stretched art for the wall, no one can do it but YOU! Art is indeed in the “eye of the beholder,” and rarely do two people have the same exact tastes. SO MUCH to chose from, and so many ways to display it.
PosterPOSTERS For the tighter budget, poster art can be fun. Picking a theme from music, movies, motivational sayings or just artistic, posters are inexpensive and can be grouped the way you like

LightWALL SCULPTURES AND SCONCES Alone or in tandem with other wall art, intricate sculptures made of wood or metal are usually great conversation pieces. Sconces for candles can add another dimension.

PhotoPHOTOGRAPHY A wall full of photographs can be extremely personal and eye-catching. Whether you purchase prints or take them yourself, displayed in color or black and white, this wall décor makes a statement.
MUralsMURALS Another way to dress a wall is to paint a mural yourself, hire an artist to do it or buy a wallpaper version.
lATERSWORDS AND LETTERS A huge B in the middle of a wall could stand for a name or the theme of the art collection (such as butterflies), and words such as LOVE and BELIEVE are popular choices.
MirrorMIRRORS Huge, elegant mirrors hung over fireplaces, sofas, and in bedrooms are exceptionally pretty. Houseware stores offer an array of styles and designs.
sponge_paintingTAPESTRY Either alone or in conjunction will all or some of the prior ideas, a tapestry hung from a decorative pole is attractive. It can be primitive like an Amish quilt, or as elegant as a Persian rug.