3 Minutes Pesto Sauce!

Wash and dry your basil leaves. You get good basil leaves at AmmaNaana, Chennai. A wooden chopping board and a hand-chopper is best. You could use a electric chopper, but be careful not to make a paste out of it. Usually a few whips would do on a 400 watt electric chopper.

Chop the fresh red chilli, garlic and the sun-dried tomatoes. Make sure your sun-dried are not the ones packed in oil. Get the dry ones. Chop them to get the flavours out.

Use a air-tight pickle jar to store the chopped ingredients, and pour good strong flavoured olive oil until the pesto is completely covered in olive oil. You get the best of Olive Oils at AmmaNaana Chennai, and most of the other ingredients.

This can stay in the refrigerator for a few days, use it fast, if you want the pungent chili. If you let it sit in the fridge, the heat of the Chilli would come down.

Farfalle and Fusilli go good with this pesto and always the spaghetti and tagliatelle are a good bet with thin sauces. Sprinkle a generous portion of parmigiano (parmesan) cheese and roasted Cherry tomatoes for garnish. Find a great spread of Cheese at our Chennai stores.


  1. 100 grams fresh basil leaves
  2. Fresh red chili – about 200 ml (a cup)
  3. 2 – 3 garlic pods (depending on the size)
  4. Sun-dried tomatoes – 200 ml (about a cup)
  5. Strong flavoured Olive Oil
Here with AmmaNaana
  • Basil Leaves
  • Sun-dried Tomatoes
  • Strong flavoured Olive Oil